.​.​.​Will Miss You

by Costumes

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Demos from an upcoming LP


released 27 March 2014

Performed by:

Drake Moreno
Marcos Rocha
Jacob Harman
Marcus Grudier
Chris Lopez
Brooke Shirley



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Track Name: Mall Gripper
i bled inkblot clots on your white wash parade
i already paid the suburban charade so i wear black
i don't deny my memory boy's lies
his eyes reside in the black of mine but they come back
plz remember that
don't let your heart overtake ur head man
i bet you wont actually like it to be where it was then
there you go again but idk
when your family leaves you roll up ur sleeves
and you take a knee in the hallway what are you saying
when i thought you were praying
i cant suspend your heavy questions
pulleys and sandbags weighing down till the band snaps
and u see them collapse
i'll take your violence as a yes i'll take your silence as a no
and ur baby as a maybe but idk where the older horses go
I'd like to rest my head for the night be alone keep me warm
play you all my favorite songs watch myself as i lie alone
keep the light on, what's the point stay clothed on my empty bed
do you remember do you remember the first night that i lied you down